Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heyyy Momma!

So, It's mother's day. Go Moms! My mom (and dad and brother) came to visit me at College for the day and it was really nice. I got my mom a hat that says "Delaware Mom" and a book about Abigail Adams. My mom has a new found love for American History, and Abby Adams was definitely the first American "you go girl" kinda Woman.
My mom is just really great. Honestly. I mean, not that your mom isn't great, but Mary is one fine woman. (Plus my brother didn't get her a present so I am SO the favorite child now!!)
And because Verizon is awesome and had a Mother's day Sale, My mom and I got new phones! (yay!) My last phone has been through hell and back (no...seriously) and I've had it since I was about...17? But my new one is just beautiful.

Let's see, I've only got a few weeks of school left. UD is a stupid school that keeps their students locked away until June :( But, it's alright I suppose. I just can't wait to be done. I've got a townhouse to live in all by myself this summer. I think it's going to be good for me. I just need to find a second job to get my rent paid. Being 19 sucks. It really does. I'm not an adult, I don't know how to operate my life yet, and I'm not a kid who can just whine until my parents will do it for me. I'm the awkward middle stage. Fantastic.

Okay Okay, so not to toot my own slut horn (I can't give myself credit for that wonderful phrase, sadly enough) I love this one. Love. A rareity. In my Creative Writing class we were each to look at the same picture and write a poem, it was really cool to see what everyone wrote. The picture was simple and stick figure man pulling along a heavy looking key through a forrest.

It started off as a tiny secret
that could be locked behind a tiny door
sealed shut with a tiny key of regret
But years of lies lured the tiny secret to grow more.
Feeding off of fear it grew and had to be moved
to a place not so tiny now, in a place quite far away
it had grown and no longer could its flaws be smoothed.
“You mustn’t return I’ve got to move on”, he’d say.
The man to whom the not so tiny secret belonged
was afraid and he’d run from spot to spot
with the not so tiny key following along
“I hate you secret, I want you not!”
He said as he stuttered and sputtered, choked with fear
pushing and pulling and panting and gasping as hard as he could
but keeping his voice down all the while, afraid someone may hear.
And he pulled that monstrous key, and locked the secret for good.

And, just for some fun:
My boyfriend always seems to find fantastical things on the internet, this being one of them.


  1. Thanks for the comment. It's a slow process and I'm fine with it being slow. I'm just laughing at myself mostly. I laugh at myself a lot. It's the only way to avoid crying! :)

  2. Woot Woot, Nicole. Keep up the great writing. Hold onto your dreams and make them a reality.

  3. Qute awesome poem! Love the visuals I got while I was reading.
    And Mommas are GREAT! Speaking as one, I have a definite appreciation for recorgnition on this holiday. You've definitely moved up in the will for getting her a gift....your brother is getting the dust bunnies!