Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh Snap!

They really don't give you much to work with in the Font area. I'm going to have to dust off my brain and start to remember how to fix the HTML, but that's for a later date.
Anyway, so now I have a blog. I mean, why not? I'm young, hip, and cool.
... right.
So, maybe someone will what to read this. And if not, C'est la vie. So, let's make this one interesting.

How do you make friends? Seriously. Because I don't have any.*
*disclaimer: yes I do, I'm just whiny and over exaggerate a lot.
I have friends..just not in my nearby vicinity. And when I say "friends" I mean people that call you up on a friday night so you don't have to make you boyfriend come over because you're crying and scare the living daylights out of him and make him give you the rest of his chinese food because it's the only thing that might help.

..not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything.

So, you can chew that one over, lemme know how it tasted, or just spit it back in my face, I'll understand.

I think it's time for me to come out of my shell and share what I write.
here's piece number one. I wrote it last year in my creative writing class. There's been quite a bit of editing, and I still feel like something is off, but... I can't figure it out. Maybe you can.
Also, I'd like to add that this is a huge step for me, I hate being an English major because I hate having my work read. It's time for me to get over that.

I entitled it Morbidity. Because..that's what it is.

Pull me up, I’m falling behind, and I cannot reach this top alone
Come back- don’t leave; I will not make it on my own.
Follow me, let’s lie in the field, and let the tall grass consume our minds.
Watch the Northern Lights, as they burn our eyes.
Purple fading into green, Oh! And how the blue one dances so
don’t turn your back, where will you go? No, not yet, no
this is not your time, this time belongs to me, it is mine.
I have heard the voices, I have seen the signs.

I will sew our skin together, so you cannot tear away.
We’ll thrive in nights and hide from day.


  1. Your writing is very good! I liked picturing it in my mind and I think that is the best kind of writing...if it creates pictures in the readers mind.
    Hmm.. making friends. that is a hard, even for an "old" woman like me.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I will add you to my reader and keep up with you :)

  2. Welcome to the blog world, Nicole!

  3. Hey, nicole I followed you over from my blog and I like your writing veyr much! I hope you keep posting...and keep helping me with recipes :)


  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Vegas was fun (bathrooms aside). About friends? I haven't had a friend like that in years...I try to make psuedo friends at work, but it's not the same....good luck though!

  5. Hi Nicole, thanks for commenting on my blog...I really like your style....Keep up the great writing...I will visit you often.

  6. Welcome to blogland! You are a clever and talented girl...

    also, 19 hella sucks. It gets easier after you turn 20, I double promise.

  7. Hi Nicole! Funny Girl Goes Blog visited my blog and told me there was a new girl on the block! Welcome! And I have to say your writing is really good! Keep it coming and don't be shy around here we're all friends in the blogging community! P.S. when you figure out how to improve the fonts let us all know! :D