Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some people end up together..& some people just end.

I guess I got the latter. I always wonder what makes a relationship work. I see couples who have been together for what seems like forever and ...they're still happy. They're still having fun, they're still together. Is it me? Probably. Do I care? not really.

I am not going to let this "break up" rule me.
Because I am a woman, and I am strong.
I will still listen to all our "our" songs & I will still sing very loudly and rock out when appropriate.
I will not stop myself from crying when I am sad, but I will wake up in the morning and continue on.

I can't be, nor will I try to be anything that I am not. That has never been my character and it never will be. All I can do is continue breathing in the same patterns that I always have, and hope for the best.

Because the best is yet to come. I will love and be loved. I am worth love.

I am.

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